The Battle of Charmelle: The Vhaen Project | 1

The Battle of Charmelle

The Airship Isabella

Captain Cedric Whittaker stood at the bow resting his weight upon his hands. It was cold in the upper atmosphere of this small world. Snow was beginning to fall and the already grey skies were beginning to fill with a haze of white.

Flakes dropped into his eyes and melted on his clothes. He shivered to himself despite his coat and looked at his cuff with impatience growing in his eyes. The ship of soldiers that he had been hired to meet was late…and that seemingly never turned out well.

They had been called to meet Captain Chambers, a man of fair reputation as a goods runner and smuggler for the rebellion. He had brought weapons and food supplies to small and damaged ships under the nose of the Order vessels in his sector for months. His ship, the Charmelle, was a small single engined skiff capable of housing a…

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