Minnie Zephie’s Steampunk – Treasure Trunk

El Steampunk no necesariamente debe de contener engranes. Minnie Zephie nos presenta ropa para la vida diaria o asistir a algún evento. Lo encantador es que el Steampunk, es portado con mucho estilo…

“A Note from Minnie Zephie
I used to write about Steampunk on my home blog, but recently decided to give those posts their own special place.
In my mind, this blog is like that big old dusty steamer trunk in a grandmother’s walk-up attic, shabby and well-used, housing tattered finery and any number of odd bits and pieces. It feels a little secret, a little melancholy, but mostly exhilarating, and opening the trunk wide is like opening a door to an equally musty and unused spot in one’s imagination.
My other blog is where I live.
This blog is where I escape.”








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